Frasier Kitchens in Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Design and Planning

Specializing in well-designed kitchens and baths as well as other complex rooms that require built-in furniture means that no two Frasier's projects are exactly alike - each design is uniquely unique even if it may share some common features with other completed projects. Because every design needs to be individually customized, we approach each new project in the same manner - we get to know the individuals first.

By taking the time to become familiar with the project goals, the living styles of those using the designed space and the client themselves, we are able to focus product information and choices more effectively for each client, the design and project budget. Empowering our clients with solid product and design information allows them to make informed decisions throughout the process and further strengthens the feeling of working together on such an important investment.

Service is the cornerstone of our business and begins the moment we first meet each client.
Frasier Kitchens designs are known for a certain level of excellence and we strive to deliver that same excellence to our clients right from the start. We are a full-service design firm and offer every client:

  • Professional Design Services
    Larry Frasier -CKD, Certified Kitchen Designer
    Nancy Frasier
    Jim Ewan

  • Free preliminary consultations to determine scope and budget considerations. This time also allows for evaluation of client/designer roles and ultimate determination of Frasier Kitchens being retained as designers.

  • Proposed job site visit to assess project requirements and limitations along with accurate measuring of site. Photos are taken from a variety of perspectives to visually aid in the design process.

  • Detailed design process which includes meetings as needed to refine the design to its final form. Complete set of drawings including detailed floor plans, three-dimensional perspectives and/or elevation and detail drawings as needed.

  • Complete set of mechanical plans and lighting layouts:

  • Dynamic project estimates that reflect any changes made during the design process and include expert suggestions for staying within budget.

  • Detailed project specifications that list all design items by description, model number and finish. Details include who is furnishing, installing and hooking up (electrical/plumbing) each listed item.

  • Specific agreementspelling out responsibilities of both parties, established cost of the project, payment terms and estimated start and completion dates.

  • Advanced project management system to eliminate potential problems or delays. Our "Professional Care" system ensures that each item is ordered correctly, received on-time and in proper condition and that installation is not delayed due to avoidable delivery glitches.

  • Expert installation by our own skilled craftsmen. Cabinetry, countertops, built-in appliances, sinks and all other products we furnish are professionally-installed at the job site (except plumbing and/or electrical hookups which must be completed by plumbers and electricians licensed to work in that locale).

  • Solid warranty service on all products furnished by Frasier Kitchens (from one year to lifetime warranties depending on the product).